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Are you frustrated in your life abroad?

Are you struggling to create happiness around you or within yourself?

Do you need guidance around your work, fitness or life goals?

Life Coaching with Juliana

How Life Coaching With Juliana Can Help

Career, mental health, relationships, fitness, and spirituality. All these elements are interdependent – one cannot target a single aspect while ignoring the others.

Juliana Lopez Casares, a qualified Life Coach with the Australian Life Coaching Academy, takes a truly holistic approach to guide to you where you want to be because it is possible. She believes in your potential to find the answers; to find your worth and the life you deserve because YOU ARE WORTH IT. Whatever the solution you want to achieve, she is with you every step of the way, helps keep you on track , your confidence high so you keep moving forward to achieve your goals.

‘Be the architect of your own happiness’ - Joseph Pilates

Years of experience living and working abroad, Pilates coaching, meditation, yoga (spirituality) and more allow her to support and guide you through the complexity of issues that come with each individual situation.


Benefits Of Having A Life Coach

Accountability - Juliana will work collaboratively with you to keep you accountable with deadlines and regular check-ins for your plans of action.

Clarity - Get crystal clear and confident about what meaningful goal you would like to achieve and make a plan to achieve it

Motivation - Reach your full potential with Juliana as she personally encourages and supports you as you reach your full potential.

Overcome - Juliana will work with you to address your fears, obstacles, and insecurities that hinder your personal growth and work collaboratively with you to overcome them.

Exploration - Let’s assess all possible options and evaluate them to align with your core values and goals.

Juliana Life Coach

“I did a life coaching session with Juliana because I recently relocated for my husband’s job and was struggling to find direction in my current life – mainly for my career.

Juliana asked many questions to help me find more clarity and encouraged me to start creating change and purpose.Her guidance and immediate follow ups allowed me to develop contacts, and within a few weeks I had the career I was hoping for.

Setting the right intentions and Juliana's follow-ups to keep me on track were the most powerful in creating this change. Thank you Juliana for your help and guidance.”

— Michelle Ricaille

Juliana Services
Juliana Life Coach


Are you ready to start changing your life for the better? Let’s work together to get the life you always dreamed for and deserve.

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Fitness, Pilates & Yoga

Juliana has been on the fitness scene for over a decade now. She’s a Senior Pilates Instructor at FLex Studio, a certified yoga teacher specializing in Hatha with experience in Tantra and Vipassana (meditation) and a personal trainer.

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I will be hosting my annual retreat for the 2nd year running in BALI - Re.Treat, Re.Shape, Re.Create from 22 - 25 August. Daily Pilates, Yoga and Xtend Barre classes, detox cuisine in lush green surroundings with like-minded souls.

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