Are you struggling to create happiness around you or within yourself? Do you need guidance around your work, fitness or life goals?

Why See A Life Coach?

Everyone needs someone to talk to when they’re at a crossroads. The problem is, many women in particular feel their needs or desires are not that important. This can stem from cultural/societal norms or the way many women – or their partners - were raised.

But either way, when we consistently put the needs of our families or friends before ours or avoid facing up to how we really want to live our lives, it can lead to resentment, confusion about our careers or passions (or lack of them) and the sense that our life is not our own anymore.

The end result? Very regularly, women are experiencing depression, addiction, self-harm, overeating and financial disempowerment, just to name a few. They lose their confidence and self-esteem. It is a vicious cycle that seemingly can’t be stopped.

This is as common in a city such as Hong Kong as it is anywhere else.

There are many negative issues that women often silently tolerate: close relationship issues, financial disempowerment, pressure to be perfect or ‘ideal’, elderly parents living thousands of miles away or indeed, in your own home, language barriers, cultural loneliness, long work hours and cramped living conditions, a sense of loss of self due to family or work commitments, to name a few.

Then there are the expat issues. For example, the so-called trailing spouse can often find they have given up everything to join their partner on the other side of the world - only to lose their home base and with it, a sense of community - as well as their friends and family. Meanwhile, their spouse is extremely challenged, busy and forging ahead with his or her career and social life through work.

However, many women experiencing the above issues won’t seek help, believing that ‘it’s not that bad’ or ‘there are so many people worse off than me’.

However, if the dilemma you’re facing is affecting your marriage, friendships, family either here in Hong Kong or back home, your children or friends in Hong Kong or elsewhere AND your own physical or mental health, then this needs to be dealt with and solved.

And while talking to someone close to you can help, I believe that it takes more. I believe that finding the right advice in a safe setting with a neutral coach is the best way to get insights in HOW to make the right change at the right time.

Friends or family may not always have the ability to be as honest as a coach. A coach is unbiased, they are trained to listen with intent. They don’t come with a preconceived notion of you or your past. It is also completely confidential, so you feel safe being open and honest.

How I Can Help You

I truly believe we can live the life of which we dream. Many of us never achieve this, let alone try, mistakenly thinking that we don’t deserve it or simply cannot do it.

Whether this is based on fear of failure, ridicule or financial stressors – and possibly cultural or social expectations – we feel safer doing nothing or procrastinating.

But I believe there is no time like the present. You have one life to live and limited time, so why not act as soon as possible?

“We cant discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore” Andre Guide

However, I understand that we all have family and financial responsibilities and that timing is important. Making a snap decision to quit your job, leave a relationship, or move countries without looking deeply at how it will affect you or those close to you is not a well thought-out plan. Like any major decision in life, careful consideration and goal setting is key, alongside knowing you have the courage to see it through.

For example, I love this quote: Life is a game, play it; Life is a challenge, Meet it; Life is an opportunity. Capture it.

I know that this journey can be so frightening that we stay stuck. Yet sometimes, the worst moments of our lives are ones we that in retrospect, we see as having been vital to our future happiness. Without the tough times, we would never have found the resilience to move on and discover a new and better way of living.

It is this all-important resilience that I know I can help you find. How? I too was once like everyone else – trapped, afraid, unhappy, resentful, heartbroken, lost.

However, I found my way out.

This is where I can help you do the same. I can help you find the right path to take you to the right destination, hopefully allowing you to wake up each day and be glad that this is the life you are living.

If you don’t like where you are, change it. You are not a tree.

Life Coaching with Juliana
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Coaching Style

Varied life experiences have given Juliana a deep well of compassion and understanding for the range of problems people have come to her with.

Her resilient and positive nature also allows her to thoughtfully help others overcome their personal dilemmas.

“When I am with my clients, they are able to unlock themselves physically and emotionally, allowing conversations to flow.

I found that not only can I guide clients through their moves in the studio, but that being comfortable with this kind of ‘tutoring’ merged into the way I spoke to them about their personal issues as well.”


Why See A Life Coach

Everyone needs someone to talk to when they’re at a crossroads. The problem is, many women push their needs and desires behind those of others.

The end result? Women may experience depression, addiction, self-harm, eating disorders and financial disempowerment – just to name a few. This could reflect a loss of confidence and self-esteem.

When To See A Life Coach

Many women experiencing the above issues hold back from seeking help, believing that “it’s not that bad” or “there are so many people worse off than me.”

However, if the dilemma you’re facing is affecting your marriage, friendships, family and/or your own physical or mental health, then this needs to be dealt with and solved.

While talking to someone close to you can help, it’s best to seek professional advice. Finding the right guidance in a safe space with a neutral coach has proven to be the most effective way to get insights on HOW to make the right change at the right time.

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Are you ready to start changing your life for the better? Let’s work together to get the life you always dreamed for and deserve.

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Juliana has been on the fitness scene for over a decade now. She’s a Senior Pilates Instructor at FLex Studio, a certified yoga teacher specializing in Hatha with experience in Tantra and Vipassana (meditation) and a personal trainer.

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